Collection: Soulscapes


As a photographer, I am interested in the unseen side of our waters. What does life look like on the other side of the surface? A world that has always been right next door yet feels very far away.

Over the past years, having visited dozens of northern waters, I've come to know the subsurface world as an ancient space. It surprises me with its strangeness and untouchedness. Time has stopped there. In the water, I relax and become one with this silent world.

Diving has not only become a meditative experience as it's grown more routine but it's also been a journey inward. Through the tranquil embrace of the underwater world, I've delved deep into my psyche, reflecting on life and processing emotions. It's within these depths that I've subconsciously confronted my life's most profound traumas.

In this silent world, I've recognized my resilience — how I've endured, matured, and finally let go of anger and bitterness—and memories of a warm, joyful childhood contrast starkly with the turbulence of my teenage years. I unexpectedly found myself in a toxic relationship, and this period culminated in a chilling encounter with a narcissistic individual. An encounter that nearly took my life. Those tumultuous years broke my self-image, making me a shadow of who I once was. Driven to addictions, I longed to find myself again, but my wounds seemed too profound.

Yet, from this abyss, a dormant strength inside me awakened. Recognizing that the only constant is change, I began my determined journey towards positivity and light. Finally, after the long journey, I feel whole and at peace with my past.

This is my growth story, told through underwater photography. But these images can also reflect viewers' situations or life experiences individually.

Finland, 2018 - 2023.