Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2023

Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2023

Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2023

I'm excited to share that two photographs were recently featured at the Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2023 by Awethentic Gallery! This event is a dynamic platform for contemporary art, uniting many artists and showcasing their diverse works.

My involvement was made possible thanks to Awethentic Gallery, dedicated to presenting impactful art with a purpose. They carefully select works from emerging and mid-career artists globally, all committed to generating social and environmental impact through their art. 

While I couldn't be there in person, having my work exhibited at such a prestigious event was a great honour. The Affordable Art Fair is an extraordinary venue where art is accessible to a broader audience. 

Awethentic Gallery
Transformation - Tiina Törmänen

Transformation :  The picture is part of a personal series that tells an emotional growth story. The symbolism of the image can be multilayered: the death of the old and the struggle to break free from it. You are still under its influence, but it is losing its power. You are breaking free from old chains, even if you don't realize it in your day-to-day reality.

Street lights - Tiina Törmänen

Street lights In the misty predawn hours of late summer, a unique phenomenon unfolds. After the midnight sun's reign, darkness finally descends, and moisture becomes a captivating fog due to the proper temperature fluctuations. This only happens a few weeks yearly.

A road winds, its lights punctuating the haze, leading through the mist and marking the subtle intersection of human presence and wild nature. Beyond its striking beauty, the photograph encourages viewers to reflect on nature's brief moments and the constant dance between the seen and the unseen.

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