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90 Prints in Honor of Jane Goodall


Vital Impacts collaborates with Jane Goodall and 90 women photographers to celebrate her legacy with stunning art that reimagines our connection to nature. As we celebrate the extraordinary life and legacy of Jane Goodall, we not only honor her groundbreaking work but also recognize her pivotal role in inspiring women around the world. The photographers selected for this initiative are renowned for their dedication to the planet.

I am proud to be part of this remarkable initiative and excited to share my photograph, "Underwater Wonderland," as part of this tribute.

🦍 60% of proceeds go to the Jane Goodall Institute.

📸 40% support the artists.

Don't miss out! The sale ends July 2. 🌿✨

Browse the collection :  https://vitalimpacts.org/collections/celebrate-jane-90

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