roots picture from underwater

Taival - Solo exhibition


Galleria Tila 9.8 -27.8 2022 Tornio 

Taidekamari 5.10 - 31.10 2022 Pudasjärvi 

Taival is my emotional growth story told with underwater photography. 

Taival is Finnish and means a difficult journey.

From the warmth of a joyful childhood, I unexpectedly found myself trapped in a toxic relationship during my teenage years. This phase culminated in a near-fatal encounter with a narcissistic individual.

These years broke my self-image. I lost myself and drifted into a long-term addiction cycle. I tried to find myself but was too damaged to look inside.

However, some power awakened inside me. I realized that only change is permanent. I started walking the path of positivity towards the light.

Finally, after the long journey, I feel whole and at peace with my past.

Only years later did I realize what happened and how I survived.

This photo series is a visually and emotionally strong story; each image can work on its own, reflecting the viewer's situation in one way or another.

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