salstraumen stream from above.

A week in Saltstraumen


Saltstraumen, Norway, is more than just any diving destination. It is  the world's strongest tidal current, offering a unique and thrilling underwater experience. Last summer, our local diving club spent an unforgettable week exploring this amazing dive environment.

Our week-long diving expedition included multiple dives, some of which took place within the primary current. Each dive required careful planning and an understanding of the tidal times and current strengths.

Unfortunately, our expedition coincided with the full moon phase, which is known to amplify tidal currents. This is due to the gravitational forces between the Earth, Moon, and Sun, which reach their peak during this lunar phase. As a result, the tides and currents in the area become significantly stronger.

To ensure our safety during the primary current dives, we booked guides from the local diving centre, NORD&NE.

Even though the current was intense at times, making some moments uncomfortable, everything went well. I captured many photos, even when my camera housing fogged up during one of the dives.

Please note: Saltstraumen's unique conditions and strong currents necessitate advanced diving skills. Therefore, it is recommended for experienced divers only. Always dive with a qualified guide and adhere to all safety protocols.

Ready to dive. I am 3rd left. (orange suit)


Below are the underwater photos that I took in the Saltstraumen area. Canon R5 / 15-35 mm f2.8 RF / Nauticam housing with glass dome / Big blue 15K Video lights

Tent Sauna

As Finns, we brought a slice of our sauna culture on this adventure. We had a tent sauna, which we set up next to our camping cabins. It was a great, relaxing way to end the day.  

Pro tip: This sauna is a modified ice fishing tent, and it works exceptionally well for this purpose. A small Harvia sauna stove is installed instead of the fireplace, and individual garden stools are used as seats. It's even better than an official tent sauna!

A day at Langsanden beach

I took one day off from diving and went to see Langsanden Beach, one of the largest sand beaches in Norway. Spanning over 2 kilometres, this expansive sandy shoreline is the perfect place to enjoy a beautiful day. On the hottest day of the week, I couldn't have asked for a better setting.

There was also an outdoor photography exhibition.

I highly recommend Langsanden Beach to anyone looking for a relaxing and enjoyable day at the Arctic beach.

Norks Luftfartsmuseum

One day, we visited The Norsk Luftfartsmuseum, the Norwegian Aviation Museum. 

Located in Bodø, the museum offers a comprehensive exploration of Norway's aviation history. Displaying a remarkable collection of aircraft, including vintage and modern models, the museum provides valuable insights into the progression of aviation technology.

The informative exhibits shed light on the significance of military and civil aviation in Norway's development. With interactive elements like flight simulators, the museum offers an engaging and educational experience for visitors.

That wraps up our diving trip to Saltstraumen. If you enjoyed reading about our adventure, feel free to share this post with your friends or leave a comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts!

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