Swirling autumn leaves underwater, dark brown and black, beautiful and haunting pattern.

Oi Aikoja, Oi Luontoa! - Group exhibition

Northern touch

The "Oi aikoja, Oi Luontoa" (Oh Times, Oh Nature) exhibition offers insights into the Northern landscape through the lenses of two Lappish photographers. This two-part show will transition its artwork on March 30, 2021.

Tiina Törmänen, known for her landscape photography from Lapland, presents a diverse selection spanning land, sky, and water. Her recent shift to underwater photography introduces images in the exhibition's second part that shed light on the hidden depths beneath our waters.

Anu Tossavainen, residing in Savukoski with a Master's in Art, captures the nuanced beauty of plants and bogs. She brings a distinct touch to her work with innovative methods like double exposure and controlled motion techniques. 

Both artists come together at a local community space in Lapland for this exhibition. It combines Anu's artistic take on nature and Tiina's captivating underwater captures.

Boreal Spring 2020. ( c ) Tiina Törmänen
Kullaoja,  2020. (c) Anu Tossavainen 

Anu & Tiina 

Article about Oi aikoja, Oi Luontoa ! - exhibition, sorry only finnish. 

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