Faces of the Bog - Group exhibition

Faces of the Bog - Group exhibition

In February 2021, the Kuusamo Kaamos Gallery presented the "Faces of the Bog" themed exhibition, curated by Linda Sainio.

 However, the show was inaccessible for in-person visits because of the COVID-19 restrictions at the time. To overcome this, the gallery adapted by bringing the production to its audience.

The collection was available on the @kaamosgalleria Instagram account for enthusiasts to explore.

Originating from a deep appreciation for bog nature, the "Faces of the Bog" themed exhibition aimed to assemble artists and nature photographers from the North, all of whom showcased the beauty of bogs in their works.

The exhibition featured a total of 14 talented artists.

Riitta Attila, Janette Backman, Paavo Hamunen, Hannu Hautala, Jaana Hokkanen, Lahja Koivunen, Tiina Laitinen, Susanna Lendiera, Esa Leppänen, Antti Stöckell, Paula Suominen, Anu Tossavainen, Teuvo Tuomivaara, Tiina Törmänen

The works provide diverse perspectives on bog nature and its significance. You can also explore the exhibition and the artists' thoughts on bogs through video presentations of the pieces.

-Linda Sainio

Frosty marsh / 50 x 75 cm / Plywood / Tiina Törmänen
Sparkle / 50 x 50 cm / Plywood / Tiina Törmänen
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