Underwater lake scene, yellow autumn aquatic plants reflected on surface, surreal painterly scene.

EXIT magazine issue 83 - Wild waters

EXIT magazine issue 83 - Wild waters 

My underwater work was selected for EXIT magazine No. 83.

I recommend buying a hard copy!


Photography, culture and critical texts. Every three months, contemporary image is reflected in EXIT, the photography magazine discussing what we experience, feel and see.

EXIT Image and Culture is a photography magazine that originated at the dawn of the 21st Century. Appearing for the first time in November 1999, EXIT is a thematic magazine published every quarter focusing on issues around contemporary culture through photographic images and articles written by international specialists. The image, brought together with words, forms the basis of the publication, which covers thought, contemporary life and current culture.

There is space in EXIT for all types of photography, from documentary to fashion and new and historic images from internationally renowned and new photographers worldwide. Produced with collaborators from different fields of expertise, the magazine shows artists from all continents and phases in the history of photography and moving images, making EXIT a reference in photographic practice and theory.

Due to the careful editing, design and quality of its contents, EXIT has become a collector´s item and an essential publication for aficionados, experts, students and the artists who fill the pages.

EXIT has received the Kraszna-Krausz Foundation 2003 awards (London) for Best Photography Publication and the Lucie Award 2015 (New York) for the best photography magazine of the year

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