Tranquil Arctic landscape photo captured during blue hour, with full moon illuminating snow-capped mountains.

Alt+1000 festival de photographie

The Festival

Founded in 2008 in Switzerland, the Alt.+1000 festival takes place every two years. The objective is to intervene in mid-mountain regions through photography in order to raise public awareness of the notion of landscape. Far from the tourist postcard, Alt.+1000 aims to be a place for observation and reflection of the landscape through photographic exhibitions, artistic residencies and institutional collaborations.

Aimed at art lovers wishing to spend a day outdoors, families and nature lovers as well as professionals, these photographic walks invite festival-goers – from Switzerland and abroad – to discover the work of contemporary artists in the heart of the Jura landscapes.

Outside a large urban center, in the open air, Alt.+1000 expands and energizes the tourist, cultural and artistic offer in a valley considered to be the Siberia of Switzerland.

Artic hues

I was honoured to be one of the participants in the 6th edition of the Alt1000+ photo festival.

There were works from the Tyyni series displayed as huge cube, as well as a View-Master set of Northern light images.

Dear Tiina, I have no idea whether you’ve been to La brévine. As a person who had a view master as a child, I loved your installation. You can see me using your view master with the Northern light pictures.

 - Regards Michael Guggenheimer
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