Reindeer round-up

Reindeer herding is a year around job. In autumn the owners gather their reindeer once again. At the round-up the reindeer are counted and separated to those that are left alive and those that will be slaughtered.

A small part of the reindeer are taken from the main herd at a time. They are directed to a smaller fence called “kirnu”. Reindeer are caught by hand or lasso. The ones that are left alive are medicated and let back to the nature. The reindeer that will be slaughtered are moved to other small fences. 

Slaughtered reindeer are listed and around two million kilos of reindeer meat is produced annually in Finland. Other important products are hides, leather and antlers. All parts of reindeer are used if possible.


Karigasniemi, Finland.  2013

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